Mindset Visit

At Inspired, we believe that healing is multi-faceted. We know that there are many pieces to the puzzle, and we offer foundational support for your life so that you can live and feel your best. That’s why we offer various types of energy healing.


All of our providers are intuitive and do their own wellness routine on a regular basis. As a team, we practice mindfulness moments, have regular team healing days where we spend time together growing and evolving and regularly share our insights with each other to comanage care and further patient progress. Some energy work looks like exercise and expending energy. Sometimes it looks like diving deep into your thought patterns to uncover root causes of your stress. It can look like prayer, a guided meditation or quiet time where you passively receive work from a provider. And other times it can be somatic work, such as breathwork, visualization or EFT tapping. 


At our office, we are committed to meeting you where you are when it comes to this topic. Our primary goal is to arrive grounded and centered so that we can hold a safe space for your body, energy, spiritual/religious beliefs, stress patterns, mindset and state of wellbeing or disease. We are happy to discuss what your comfort zone is and work together from there. It is likely that you may encounter some energy work in your visits with us, as chiropractic care, acupuncture, dry needling, massage and active rehab all address the nervous system. The nervous system is the main energy center of the body, conducting every one of the billions of processes you complete every day subconsciously and consciously. If we ever attempt to access your energy with a specific technique outside of the visit you scheduled, we will always ask for permission.



Dr. Sara uses Neurologically based Mindset visits to dive into the deeper understanding of wellbeing from the inside out so that you may achieve peace and live life feeling your best.


Sounds lovely, right? But what does it mean?

She begins by gathering information on your stressors, obstacles in life, health concerns, negative patterns you can’t get out of, problems that seem like they have no solution and the hamster wheel of negativity and/or stress that many of us feel we cannot let go of. Once we are aware of our thoughts, we can determine what feelings they are creating, where we store them in our physical body and how they may be affecting our neurochemistry. When we can change our neurochemistry, our entire nervous system and body have the ability to work optimally and to help us heal. That means we see lab results improve, anxiety diminish, pain lessen and health being restored. 


This is of utmost interest to those going through our functional medicine program, who see evidence of stress, inflammation and autoimmune disease. Our neurochemistry is an underlying cause to most chronic health conditions, so it becomes very important that we address our minds. Many patients feel hopeless in their current state and desire to find an inner sense and peace calm more often. Other patients simply feel stuck in one of the major stress areas of life- work, money, relationships, health- and we use the visit to get un-stuck and allow fresh insights to occur about your situation. Either way, everyone leaves with an important takeaway that has allowed them to shift how they think and therefore create major change in their life. Many people report feeling like they see themselves in a new light and feel refreshed.


But what about my past? I have been through a lot. Do we talk about that?

We do address the past and how it deeply affects who you are through your life’s conditioning and generational beliefs. We view this through an inner child lense. Everything in the past that is negatively affecting your present first must be something you are aware of, then it can be nurtured and integrated into the present. For instance, you may identify as a “people pleaser” because of how you were raised. Dr. Sara can help you to go back to early memories of when you developed this trait and express love to the memory that has now become something associated with negativity. By becoming aware of the memory, nurturing yourself through it and integrating it into the present, you can stop it from affecting you daily. You can re-write the blueprint you have created for who you are and become anyone you want to be that serves you NOW.