Easy-to-follow meal plans, perfect for wherever you are on your health journey!


Gut Reset Meal Plan

It's time to reset! Use this 4-week planĀ as an opportunity for a fresh start and enter the second half of the year feeling your best!

(Free of all food allergens and potential food triggers)


Flexible Meal Plan Bundle

Rigid meal plans aren't for everyone. If you just need some inspiration for complete meals that are great for both gut and brain health, then this is for you! Grab this two-plan bundle and get over 5,000 different meal pairings!


6-Month Bundle

Take the hassle out of your weekly planning by using these structured meal plans with an abundance of recipes and food pairings guaranteed to help fight inflammation, promote mental clarity, balance blood sugar, and support a healthy metabolism!

(Gluten & Dairy Free Option Available)


Unsure which meal plan option is best for you?

Click through the links below to find out more information on what's included with each plan!

Gut Reset

Flexible Meal Plan Bundle