Active Rehab

We know our patients are interested in learning what they can do at home to stay better for longer and help their pain go away. This is why we highly recommend every patient does active rehab and passive stretching, especially early on in their care. 


Did you know that chiropractors study exercises and physical therapy throughout their entire schooling and even take a national board exam covering Physical Therapy? We are passionate about restoring function to the body- helping you move in and out of the perfect posture pain free and reaching all of your goals, whether they include running a marathon or getting down to the floor and back up without a problem. We try to make your exercises fun, easy to include in your routine, creative and custom to you. You won’t find us giving everyone with back pain the same three exercises. We will often start by stretching you to find imbalances in the body. This part is relaxing and really helps you feel better before or after your chiropractic adjustment. We may focus on your upper or lower body, and sometimes we can cover both.


Once we know what is tighter or weaker, we can start to develop a plan with you. We will review the exercises and send you videos and a PDF of what you discuss. Then we typically like to check in with you in about a week to see how you are feeling, review the recommendations, stretch you again, check your progress, and make any necessary changes. 


Active rehab and passive stretching can help with many problems. Anything we treat in our office will improve more if you are also doing the proper exercises and stretches for that area. Life is about function, and that’s what we focus on in these appointments. This is also often an insurance covered service. We recommend Active Rehab for neck pain, headaches, upper back pain, shoulder pain or decreased movement, torso pain and tightness, mid back pain, rib pain, low back pain, hip pain, sciatica, bursitis, tendonitis, leg pain including when numbness and tingling are present, knee pain and injuries, ankle sprains and pain, foot pain, balance problems, vertigo, jaw pain and more.