$27.00 USD

Flexible Meal Plan Bundle


You choose your combo! Inside you get to choose from 16 breakfast, 16 lunch, and 16 dinner recipes per meal plan. So between the two plans included that's a total of over 4,000 different possible pairings!

This is perfect for the person who needs healthy food inspiration for complete meals and desires less structure and more flexibility to support their gut and brain health.

Inside this meal plan you'll find:

    • Downloadable PDF friendly with desktops and mobile devices
    • Interactive links to recipes 
    • Images of meal inspiration final products!
    • A variety of nutritious and delicious food pairings and recipes you will cherish for a lifetime!
    • Plus TWO completely plant-based meal plan!

What People Are Saying:

Wow! I thought I would just be getting another meal plan guide, but this has been so helpful. I can't believe how much information is in this one nutrition plan. Worth every penny. I also just have to say-it is totally beautiful to look at and makes me happy every time I reference it.

The flexible meal plan is SO FUN. I love having options and getting to choose what looks good to me in a week. Having images of the meals there helps me decide what I want that week so I can plan ahead! I've used a bunch of different combinations and never get sick of them. Plus you can get creative and add spice it up if you choose! Having them right on my phone is also a lifesaver.