$595.00 USD

Pre-Purchase Metabolism Course PLUS CGM & 1:1 FM Visit

We are so excited about our upcoming NEW Metabolism Course! 

Not only will you get access to the course outlined below, but you'll also get a CGM sent as well as a 1:1 Functional Medicine visit with our Nurse Practitioner Roxy!

Inside this course we'll cover:

  • Metabolism & CGM Overview 
    • What is Metabolism and Why it Matters
    • Metabolic Syndrome and Metabolic Health Issues
    • Overview of CGM use
    • What Habits and Foods May Not Be Serving You
    • Toxins and Their Effect on Metabolism
  • Repairing the Metabolic System
    • Finding the Root Cause of the Problem
    • How Further Testing Can Give Answers
    • Supplements & Tips to Get Started 
  • Using the CGM to Improve Results
    • What is a CGM
    • Reviewing Data Samples
    • Macronutrients - What They Are and Why They Matter 
  • Exercise and Metabolism
    • How Exercise Affects Your Metabolism
    • Different Types of Exercise
    • How Exercise Correlates with CGM Results 
  • Stress & Metabolism
    • Stress and its Effects on Blood Pressure
    • The Link Between Stress, Glucose and Sleep
    • Stress and Cravings 
    • Is Perfectionism Killing Your Progress?