Functional Medicine views the patient as a whole, not just a collection of symptoms. Instead of just addressing the symptoms, our practitioners delve deeper, asking, "Why is this happening? What's the root cause? How can we make a change at the source of the problem?"


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As you can see in the example above, one condition (ex: Depression) can have many causes and one cause (ex: inflammation) can contribute to many conditions. This is a great visual example of why each patient must be cared for as an individual, and Functional Medicine is the best mechanism for that!


The Functional Medicine approach will use holistic and natural methods whenever possible, knowing that "prevention" is the key to avoiding the many chronic diseases currently plaguing our society. It is normal to use tools such as nutrition, meal plans, supplementation, lifestyle changes (sleep, stress, movement), holistic therapies and whatever means necessary to restore health.


We blend a wide array of techniques from both conventional medicine and holistic health, utilizing the best of Western and Eastern expertise.


Our Functional Medicine Team will determine if any Advanced Functional Labs are needed and order them, folding that new piece of information into the history, intake, nutritional status, symptoms, current lab findings - all in order to make a thorough assessment that looks at the person as a whole. Our practitioners are excellent at reviewing lab work and explaining it in a way that is easy to understand. 

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Pictured above is a brief timeline of what a typical functional medicine journey looks like in our office.

We recommend that all patients start with a No Charge Consult with one of our Functional Medicine Practitioners. This helps us to understand your unique needs and point you in the best direction according to your goals. 

Your inital intake appointment is when we'll dig deep into your health history and order any labs needed. 

After your lab results come back (typically within a few weeks), you'll have your Report of Findings appointment where the practitioner will share all of the findings from your intake and labs and make a care plan with recommendations that will likely include supplementation and/or diet and lifestyle changes. The practitioner may also recommend any other in-house services or refer you to outside providers if warranted.